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Scotland’s Transatlantic Poetry Magazine
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The magazine’s major archives can be found HERE.

A selection of poems, significant interviews and essays from each issue are available as downloadable PDFs. See below for a brief overview of material and poets published in recent issues.


Elusive Edward Thomas

The Spirit of Sarah Hannah

The Poetry of Walking

Armitage’s Gawain

Jack Gilbert, American Poet

Printed Snow: On W. S. Graham

Bishop’s Scraps

Ian Hamilton and Posterity

MacDiarmid’s Earthy Sublime

The Clear Eye of Norman MacCaig

Fifty Years of Peter Redgrove

American Splendour: Louis Simpson

Heavyweight, Ted Hughes

Justice for Justice

Mackay Brown’s Lairds and Tinkers

Adam Kirsch and Criticism


Amit Majmudar

Rachel Hadas

Paul Batchelor

Stewart Conn

Jennifer Reeser

Catherine Tufariello

Anne Stevenson

Helena Nelson

Linda Chase

Robert Nye

Sebastian Barker

Katrina Naomi

Charles Martin

Lisa Williams

Andrew Hudgins

Matthew Sweeney