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Scotland’s Transatlantic Poetry Magazine
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Reviews from back issues

A. E. Stallings: On Sonnet Anthologies / Issue 23

James McGonigal: On Paul Muldoon’s Oxford Lectures / Issue 20

Charu Suri: On Charles Martin’s Ovid’s Metamorphoses / Issue 18

Kathleen McDermott: On Choman Hardi's Life for Us and Catherine Tufariello's Keeping My Name / issue 17

Gerry Cambridge: Ted Hughes: Marvels and Mist / issue 17

Gerry Cambridge: On Hugh McMillan / Issue 16

Kathleen McDermott: On First books by Gail White, Joseph Harrison, Matthew Fitt and Wilmer Mills / Issue 16

Kathleen McDermott: The Art of the Lathe by B. H. Fairchild; The Lord of Misrule: Poems, 1992-2001 by X. J. Kennedy; Open Slowly: Poems by Kate Light / Issue 15

John Lucas: Dream State: The New Scottish Poets, edited by Donny O’Rourke / Issue 15

Joseph Fisher: The Canongate Burns, edited by Andrew Noble and Patrick Scott Hogg / Issue 14

X. J. Kennedy: The Donkey’s Ears and The Year’s Afternoon by Douglas Dunn / Issue 11

Helena Nelson: After New Formalism: Poets on Form, Narrative and Tradition, ed. Annie Finch / Issue 5

James Aitchison: On The Laws of the Poetic Art by Anthony Hecht / Issue 5