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Scotland’s Transatlantic Poetry Magazine
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All good magazines depend upon the excellence of their contributors.

We welcome submissions, which should include sufficient return postage or International Reply Coupons and a self-addressed envelope if contributors wish unused submissions to be returned. Our preference is to respond by e-mail to all work submitted, and to recycle unused typescripts.

Please allow sixteen weeks for consideration of your work. If you have still to hear from us, a reminder by e-mail after this period is appropriate and welcomed. If we can’t give a decision promptly, we will give a realistic expectation of when a decision will be forthcoming, so a writer will be able to decide whether to keep his or her material lodged with us. This is to not only to prevent Horse indigestion but out of consideration for poets submitting their work. Editors are only human. There are times we can’t make our minds up, and need a shove.

Unsolicited submissions by email are not accepted. Hard copy only, please, in the first instance.

n.b. owing to some unfortunate experiences, this journal does not consider simultaneous submissions.

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