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Scotland’s Transatlantic Poetry Magazine
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As well as the standard edition, there is also a special limited edition, lettered A to Z and signed by the author on the colophon. It comes with a draft copy of the cover of issue 2 with handwritten suggestions on its layout by Dana Gioia, the book’s dedicatee, tipped in. Originally meant to be included in the standard edition, it was omitted for reasons of space. This special edition costs 25.00.

Copies A to G of these special editions also include, tipped in, a facsimile offcut of Gerry Cambridge’s new long poem, ‘The Visitor’, signed by the author, which appears in the summer 2016 issue of New York literary journal The Hudson Review—one of the early influences on The Dark Horse. These copies, if still available, cost 35.00 each.  

Order details from HappenStance Press are here.

250mm H x 165mm W,
184pp (52pp in colour, including all covers up to issue 36 and rare scans of letters and other materials from the magazine
s archives.)

Here are stories about poets, literary opinion, editorial quandaries, background on the typography and cover designs, all interwoven with the origins, development and evolving aesthetics of
the journal.

Standard edition: 12.00
Details of the limited edition are given below.

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